8  Presentations in quarto

Once you have a reproducible manuscript or thesis with quarto, you will need a presentation. Why not make a reproducible presentation. You can also do this with quarto. From the RStudio menu, go to

Choose a Reveal JS presentation and click Create.

Screenshot of the menu for creating a new quarto presentation

Figure 8.1: Creating a new quarto presentation

This will open a new presentation with some place-holder text. Press Render to see the rendered presention.

Everything about text, code blocks, tables and figures you know from quarto still applies to quarto presentations. The most important thing to learn is how to make new slides.

title: "My beautiful presentation"
author: Richard Telford
format: revealjs
editor: visual

## This is a new slide

level 2 headers make new slides

# This is a new section

## Another new slide

Level 1 headers make new sections

This slide does not start with a title

- bullet point 1
- bullet point 2

This demo shows what you can do with a Revealjs presentation made with quarto.