Enough R to write a thesis

From raw data to finished thesis


October 3, 2022

The biostats books, apps, and tutorials are written to give you enough skills to write a thesis.

The books emphasis reproducible research.

Biostats books

Working in R

Working in R logo

Learn how to import, manipulate and visualise data with our working in R book. After an introduction to R, this book has a tidyverse flavour, showing how to manipulate data with dplyr and make publishable plots with ggplot2. It includes lots of exercises to hone your skills.

Statistics in R

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Coming soon!

Reproducible documents with R

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Learn how to write reproducible documents (anything from a course assignment to a thesis or manuscript) in quarto: no more copy-paste nightmares. Quarto is the successor to R markdown (our earlier R markdown book is here). All the biostats books were written in R markdown or quarto; you can see the source code in our repo on GitHub.

Git and GitHub

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Learn how to use version control with our step-by-step guide to setting up and using git and GitHub in RStudio.

Writing an R package

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Want to make your code into an R package? Our guide to writing an R package will show you how.

Biostats apps and tutorials

We have developed interactive learnr tutorials for

  • naming objects
  • dates and times
  • string manipulation

and shiny apps to explore some statistical concepts.

These can be installed from biostats apps and learnr tutorials with

The Biostats team

These books are a collaboration between the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen and the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Trondheim.

  • Dr Aud Halbritter
  • Dr Josh Lynn
  • Dr Emily G. Simmonds
  • Dr Jonathan Soule
  • Dr Richard J. Telford

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